Sound Testimony® specializes in audio authentication (detecting editing & tampering), in improving recorded speech comprehension including intelligibility enhancement, and audio recovery.  Our proprietary hardware/software systems work to recover intelligible speech and other sounds from noise-intensive backgrounds & poorly recorded media.

Sound Testimony uses advanced computer analysis to perform forensic audio recording authentication.

Sound Testimony consults with counsel offering audio forensic evidence examination, analysis, restoration & recovery, litigation support, expert advice, expert testimony, and related expert witness services including preparation of cross-examinations and courtroom presentations.

We review other audio forensics investigators' findings and identify any discrepancies or inaccuracies.

Our experience in criminal and civil cases includes murder, corporate fraud, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, labor, and family law.

Our services also include voice recognition and/or elimination.


David A. Smith, Member ACFEI, IEEE, AES

David A. Smith, Member ACFEI, IEEE, AES