The highest compliments we can receive are referrals from former clients and to be called again by satisfied clients.

Whether you are an attorney, investigator, or an individual with a recording (or a recording that is being used against you), or you have a recording involving a domestic dispute,
we have a service than can offer you clarity.

Although each case is different, Sound Testimony's professional standards and pursuit of excellence never vary.


    • Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys
    • Private Individuals
    • Family Law Attorneys/
      Domestic Disputes (Individuals)
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Security Firms


    • Insurance Companies
    • Human Resources Departments
    • Corporations
    • Corporate Directors
    • Private Detectives
    • General Practice Attorneys
    • Legal and Investigative Professionals
    • (NSA) under contract with CTC
    • eDiscovery Firms


In this time of instant recording and accidental phone dialing, you may not see yourself represented in the above list.

Contact us. If you have audio, we can help. All inquiries are CONFIDENTIAL. 

Sound Testimony® 

We offer audio assistance to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a legal professional or a private individual,  we’re here to help you.

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