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When it Comes to Audio Evidence, Nothing is More Important Than the Truth -- We Reveal That Truth

Audio can provide crucial evidence that cannot be disputed.  Sometimes though, the truth that needs to be revealed can be hidden behind static, background noises, gaps in the recording, and other issues.

At Sound Testimony®, we believe that 'the truth is in there', no matter what might be compromising your recording.  We specialize exclusively in Audio, allowing us to bring the most intensive skills and services to address your forensic audio needs.  From authentication to enhancement and more, Sound Testimony® delivers specialized forensic audio services for legal professionals and others.

At Sound Testimony®, we use proprietary hardware and software systems to recover unintelligible speech and other sounds from poorly recorded media and noise-intensive backgrounds.  We offer some of the most comprehensive forensic audio services, making us the go-to specialists for prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil lawyers, insurance companies, investigative specialists, corporations, security firms, and individuals.


Some of Sound Testimony's services include:

  • Audio Authentication: Determining if your audio has been tampered with or edited
  • Audio Enhancement: Improving speech intelligibility of surveillance and evidentiary recordings
  • 911 Call Analysis: Increasing the quality of 911 calls and greatly improving their clarity
  • Analog Tape Analysis and Recovery: Bring vintage recordings into the world of modern forensic audio analysis


Whether you need audio tampering detection or audio enhancement, Sound Testimony® is prepared to help you reveal the truth of your audio so that you can use it to support your case.  In addition to the aforementioned services, we also specialize in family law recordings, expert witness testimony, and courtroom presentation creation.


When You Need to Reveal the Truth of Your Audio, Contact Sound Testimony®

Sound Testimony® has been specializing in professional audio enhancement for over three decades.  We have refined our recording speech comprehension techniques and mastered the art of audio recovery, analysis, noise elimination, and authentication.  As a result, we have gained the trust of countless legal professionals across the nation.  Call us today at 814.410.4787 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.


Sound Testimony® uses advanced computer analysis to perform forensic audio recording authentication, recording enhancement, and advanced audio analysis. For a complete list of our Services, please click below.

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"I wholeheartedly recommend, without reservation, Sound Testimony to any attorney handling a case involving audio materials."

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We offer Forensic Audio Services to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a legal professional or a private individual, we’re here to help you.

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