Audio Authentication

Audio Authentication detects tampering or editing and determines if a recording is an accurate representation of the audio events that occurred when the recording device was capturing audio.  As digital audio has made audio editing available to almost everyone, Audio Forensics has also advanced with sophisticated software and high-resolution monitors that reveal what has been done to the audio, more than ever before.

Audio Authentication Process:

Forensic Audio Authentication has always consisted of a series of steps to help the examiner discover what is there that should not be there, and prove the absence of what should be there.

Over the years, and the transition from analog to digital, the steps have changed.  These steps continue to evolve as new sophisticated high-end Audio Forensics software becomes available.

You May Need Audio Authentication of a Recording if:

  • A recording is being used against you in court by another party and you believe it has been altered
  • A recording that you want to enter as evidence may be challenged regarding its integrity
  • You are given a recording that was the result of an accidental dialing.  You hear your voice, but with one or more portions missing or not in the order in which you remember saying them.  Even an accidental recording can be tampered with or edited.
  • You have a recording that was out of your possession and your want to verify that it has not been edited
  • You are given a recording in which you are one of the people talking, but what you hear is not what you remember saying
  • You receive a recording with you talking but words you remember saying are not on the recording
  • You receive a recording with someone talking about you.  When asked, the person denies making the statement(s)


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