Analog Tape Analysis & Recovery

Sound Testimony® provides comprehensive analog tape analysis for every format from micro-cassette to reel-to-reel tape. There are instances, particularly with cold cases and appeals, that the audio evidence was recorded on a medium that is not easily accessible. Sound Testimony can work with every analog tape from micro-cassettes and cassettes to all formats (sizes and speeds) of reel-to-reel recordings. If the housing of the enclosed recordings is damaged, we can make repairs before performing high resolution digitization.

You Need Analog Tape Analysis and Digital Conversion When:

  • You have a cold-case in which the only recorded audio is on analog audio tape
  • You are working on either side of an appeal where the only audio evidence is on analog audio tape
  • Sound Testimony® has excellent, high quality, well maintained analog tape machines in a wide variety of formats.

We also provide video of Microscopic Tape Development (Tape Microscopy) if required.

Sound Testimony® 

We offer Forensic Audio Services to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a legal professional or a private individual, we’re here to help you.

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